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We have been in the Digital Marketing industry for over a decade now. The road to success had never been an easy one. Among the bundle of hurdles, one problem that remained constant was the lack of practical knowledge and experience among the Digital Marketing enthusiasts.

Although there were several institutes offering great Digital Marketing courses, most of them lacked real-time projects and workshop experiences. Thus, the student would have all the theoretical knowledge and no practical one.

We saw a huge gap between classroom study and real-time needs. So, we decided to take it upon ourselves to bridge this gap. Instead of relying on external Digital Marketing courses, we decided to properly train our staff ourselves. This gradually gave rise to EducertGlobal. Today, we aim to educate and prepare individuals with all theoretical and hands-on knowledge of the industry.

Our Mission

To provide the most useful information in the field of digital marketing in enabling individuals to have an effect in the sector. To continuously evolve the curriculum in response to changing dynamics and requirements in the field. To have renowned faculty from the digital industry who teach courses and provide a realistic approach to digital marketing.

Our Vision

Our concept at the Educert Global Digital Marketing Institute & Training Center is unique. Every student that walks out the door of our Training Center will be a resounding success, in our opinion. They will achieve their goal of becoming a Digital Marketing specialist. Regardless of the circumstances, we will ensure that every firm, business, and student’s aspiration is recognized. Professionals in digital marketing, particularly young professionals wanting to get into the area, must understand how to manage and apply various techniques to reach their corporate objectives. That is the power we assure our pupils will have.

What is EducertGlobal?

The penetration of technology can be seen in every field and marketing firm is no exception. Companies are adopting digital marketing techniques for brand/product awareness. Seeing the demand for the skill, EducertGlobal offers the digital marketing course on an online platform. There is no language barrier in the course. One of the finest trainers is available on the platform and has years of experience in the digital marketing field. The wealth of experience that the trainers bring to this platform is unmatched.

The firm offers a dynamic course curriculum to the students in order to match with the industry standards. Regular monitoring, constant communication, and personal attention to the applicants of the course help them to stand out from the crowd when it comes to digital marketing services.


Meet the Team

Meet educert Global’s creators and contributors.

Manas Mishra
Creative Head
Abhishek Tiwari
Sales & Marketing Head
Mayank Mishra
Content Creator
Priyanka Maharaj
Centre Head