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PPC (Pay Per click) & Google Ads Training

Google Ads is one of the most crucial digital marketing methods today, revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their target audience online. It's a PPC advertising platform offered by Google, enabling businesses to display their ads prominently on Google's search engine results pages and other partner websites. With this tool, you can precisely target your audience, increase website traffic, and drive conversions effectively.

The Role Of Google Ads Expert

A Google Ads expert plays a pivotal role in optimizing advertising campaigns. They are skilled in search engine marketing and paid search advertising, ensuring that your ads get the visibility they deserve. Remarketing and retargeting are also vital strategies in their arsenal, helping businesses reach potential customers who have previously shown interest.

Pay per click & Google Ads course

At Educert Global, our Pay per click course provides comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in managing online paid campaigns. With a focus on pay-per-click campaigns, we equip you with the skills needed to excel in this dynamic field. Our course covers everything from setting up ads to analyzing their performance and optimizing them for better results.

Demand For Pay Per Click Training

In today's digital landscape, a Pay Per Click Training is in high demand as businesses seek to maximize their online presence. With the right Ads campaign training, you can become a Google Ads expert and tap into the vast job opportunities available in the digital marketing industry. The eligibility criteria for our Paid search Advertising course are flexible, making it accessible to individuals from various backgrounds.

Our online course format allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience, making it ideal for busy professionals and students alike. Plus, rest assured, Google Ads doesn't involve coding; it's more about strategic planning and effective campaign management.

Become a PPC expert with Google Ads course in Lucknow

Take the first step towards becoming a PPC expert with Educert Global's Google Ads course in Lucknow . Join us and unlock the potential of online advertising to propel your career to new heights. Experience the power of pay-per-click campaigns and embark on a rewarding journey in the world of digital marketing.

Google Ads Course Key Highlights

  • 70 hours training (offline and online)
  • Chance to work on live campaign
  • The study material of the course.
  • Learn Advanced PPC strategies
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Universally accepted certificate
  • Learn ads Tracking strategies
  • Case study
  • Tools

Pay Per Click Modules

  • Fundamental of Google Ads
  • Google ads Account Setup
  • Keywords recherché for ads
  • How to write Ad copy
  • Monitoring Your Advertisements
  • Advanced Ads tracking
  • Bidding strategies
  • Key optimization Strategies
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • Competitor Research for Ads
  • Ads extension
  • AB testing
  • Search Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Smart ads
  • Local Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Industry Recognized Certification From Educert Global

Upon completing Google Ads Course, you’ll receive certified completion from Educert Global. Gain recognition from renowned digital marketing agencies and brands. Here, you'll acquire the industry-level skills needed to excel as a top-tier digital marketer. Boost your career with our PPC course today!


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Frequently Asked Question

How long does the Google Ads course typically take to complete?

The typical duration of the Google Ads course varies but can be completed in a few weeks to a few months, depending on the program's depth.

How can I become a PPC Expert?

To become a PPC Expert, you should undergo comprehensive PPC training, gain hands-on experience, and stay updated with industry trends.

Is the Pay Per Click Course really in demand?

Yes, the Pay Per Click (PPC) course is in high demand as businesses increasingly rely on digital advertising to reach their target audiences effectively.

Do I get a job after doing the PPC course?

Completing a PPC course enhances your job prospects significantly, as digital marketing agencies and businesses seek skilled professionals to manage their online advertising campaigns.

What are the Eligibility criteria for a PPC course?

Eligibility criteria for a PPC course are typically flexible, with courses designed to accommodate individuals from diverse educational backgrounds and experiences.

Online courses are available in Educert Global?

Yes, Educert Global offers online PPC courses, allowing learners to study at their own pace and convenience.

Does PPC involve coding?

No, PPC does not involve coding. It primarily focuses on strategic planning, campaign management, and optimization techniques in online advertising.

Students Speak

  • Preety Kumari

    I have taken the beginners course from Educert global and I am highly impressed by the lectures. Also, I find that they have the best digital marketing course in Lucknow. Highly recommended institute.

    Preety Kumari

  • Rashika Mishra

    The coursework and resources provided by EduCert Global were top-notch. I was able to learn at my own pace and apply my knowledge to my current role. I would highly recommend the certification to anyone who is passionate about advancing his or her career in digital.

    Rashika Mishra

  • Thesera Minton

    Educer Global is undoubtedly the Best digital marketing institute in Lucknow.Get the premium training and practical sessions by industry experts.


  • Priyanka Sharma

    It was a great Digital Marketing Training experience. Everything about the institute is good. The course is expansive and the faculty is knowledgeable and experienced. Everything was wonderful. Thank you Educert Global!

    Priyanka Sharma

  • Priyanka Sharma

    EduCert Global Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow provides all the tools, instruction and support you need to become a successful Digital Marketer. Their online classes are very clean, well organized and if you need additional support, their customer service is excellent too.

    Surendra Kumar

  • Priyanka Sharma

    Best digital marketing institute in Lucknow. Found the classes very interactive and the prices are very affordable. Highly recommended.

    Preeti Gupta

  • Priyanka Sharma

    I enrolled in a digital marketing course that spanned one month. As a fashion blogger, it was crucial for me to gain insights into Instagram's functionality, algorithms, and other platforms. Through the course, I acquired a wealth of knowledge and learned numerous new techniques. The training institute in Lucknow that provided the best digital marketing education was exceptional.

    Vaishali Kumari

  • Priyanka Sharma

    Educert Global is a platform where we are made to study every step related to seo, here we are trained at industry level, after that we start getting job opportunities.

    Shailendra Kumar Singh

  • Priyanka Sharma

    This is the Best and most affordable institute in Lucknow. The trainers are well-certified by Google and Facebook. The staff and trainers are very cooperative. Once you are done with this course you will get an overview of digital marketing. Educert Global provides the best digital marketing course in Lucknow.

    Aman Singh

  • Priyanka Sharma

    I was very fresher to digital marketing field but now i have developed good confidence in working online. Digital Marketing training from the best institute for digital marketing course in Lucknow Educert Global motivated me in learning this subject in professional manner. Thanks

    Shweta Tiwari

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