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Educert Global is a result-oriented performance marketing agency with a focus on 100% measurable returns. Our performance-based marketing plans always deliver the results you pay for. Strategies built around a single medium don’t always have a big impact. Here’s how we use them together to create a more influential online presence. Our team combines technology and communication environments to generate ideas, create and optimize efficiency-oriented campaigns that reduce risk and provide a higher return on investment. No matter what is the size of your business, we make sure every dollar spent on advertising works and maximizes your overall return.

An online performance marketing course by Educert Global will provide you with a set of performance-based online advertising and marketing strategies and thinking skills to run 100% scalable marketing campaigns focused on Return on Investment. Program content and simulations are created entirely by expert faculty and the industry department. Learn performance marketing by e-Commerce marketing experts.

What is Performance Marketing?

A comprehensive term, Performance Marketing is a combination of paid advertising and brand marketing put together, but only paid out once the completed desired action takes place.

Why Performance Marketing?

  • 100% measurable
  • Low risk
  • Return on Investment (ROI) focused Marketing
  • Advertisers only pay for Successful Transactions
  • Fully focus on Leads, Conversions, or all types of Actionable Metrics

Performance marketing allows us to pay for results instead of paying for marketing based on expectations or what we think is possible. It has evolved from the original CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost-per-1000-impression) pricing models, and we are now able to pay for additional actions such as lead cost, cost per impression, cost per acquisition and more. Efficiency-based marketing has given you a way to invest your money with a guaranteed Return on your Investment, something marketers have long craved.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to use technology and data to support direct response marketing goals
  • Learn how to use affiliates and other media sources to broaden your scope of activity
  • Learn how to create a marketing strategy for effectiveness
  • Learn how to build reports and analytics to accurately measure results and optimize conversions
  • Provides an approach to creating synergies between CRM, paid media, and content marketing

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic principles of performance marketing
  • What is direct marketing
  • Understanding the new “informed consumer”
  • Retargeting and prospecting best practices
  • How to build scalable audience segmentation
  • The business case for a DMP
  • Aligning media and CRM
  • Sustainable sales generation
  • Measurement and metrics
  • The difference between reporting and analytics
  • Performance optimization
  • Experience optimization
  • Partner selection criteria

100% Placement Assistance

Getting a job is very important for all after completing your Advanced Certificate in Performance Marketing online course. Educert Global has 100% Placement Assistance. We are associated with 125+ Hiring partners and also we have a dedicated team who helps you to get the right placement.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Digital Marketing ?

It is the process of creating awareness, generating leads, promoting sales etc. through internet & digital mediums is known as Digital Marketing.

Why is a Digital Marketing Course important ?

Nowadays , the demand for online marketing experts is increasing at a rapid pace. To fulfill the demand of this fastest growing industry, skilled people are a necessity, hence online marketing courses are important.

Is Digital Marketing a good career option ?

Yes, it is. The Internet Marketing Course takes less time to learn and also costs comparatively less than traditional courses with assured jobs alongwith lucrative packages.

What is the future of Digital Marketing ?

Every business process is shifting online hence there is huge demand for skilled digital marketers in the world. To help corporates growing their business online, providing better experience.

What opportunities does the Digital Marketing Industry have ?

With people getting aware of the internet, shifting of business, people over the various platforms on the internet, the world is experiencing a curve in the demand of skilled digital marketers in this fastest growing and evergreen field.

What is the salary package of freshers in digital marketing ?

Every company has their own pattern of salary bar, however, the overall ideal package ranges somewhere between INR 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 INR/ANNUM.

Why should I join eduCert Global for Online Marketing Training ?

With expert & experienced faculty we provide quality learning to our students. Practical oriented classes filled with case studies and LIVE projects make us stand ahead from competition.

How can I join eduCert Global’s Digital Marketing Course ?

To enroll for eduCert Global’s Digital Marketing Program Online, you can select the Apply Now button given in your choice of course, and follow the procedure. For Offline Digital Marketing Course, you can follow the above procedure or visit our office.

Students Speak

  • Anuj

    This course covers all important aspects of digital marketing.


  • Rashika Mishra

    The coursework and resources provided by EduCert Global were top-notch. I was able to learn at my own pace and apply my knowledge to my current role. I would highly recommend the certification to anyone who is passionate about advancing his or her career in digital.

    Rashika Mishra

  • Thesera Minton

    I would highly recommend the certification to anyone who is passionate about advancing his or her career in digital.


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