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Refund Cancellation Policy


Educert Global believes in providing as much comfort as possible to parents and students. Online and offline fee payment mechanisms cover all types of payments that can be made to institutions during training.

Once paid, fees cannot be refunded or adjusted in the future under any circumstances. Do not pay more than the requested fee. Cancellations are allowed for new admissions and are subject to college policy for the particular year. If applicants who have been offered admission and who have paid the entrance fee, registration fee and other fees wish to withdraw their name, deductions will be made according to the rules of the institution.

Cancellation of student registration can be approved after notification of it is sent, in accordance with the rules and regulations established for the period.

Note: Admission tickets after cancellation will not be reviewed and fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


The Institute will refund the deposit to the withdrawing student after the cancellation has been made on time and other formalities and compliance with the study regulations have been completed during the respective study period. Reimbursement of entry fees and/or other fees for new registrants is based on the provisions of the school year guidelines.