With the revolution of work culture, the new term known as a freelancer has evolved. It is the freedom of choosing the style of working as the person decides the hours of work, the project, client and has a standard pay pre-decided. With the evolution of technology, the freelancer is at boom as a career. The best part about it is that one can work with multiple clients and that too with the contract. The terms and conditions can be mutually decided. It also helps in maintaining the work-life balance.

There are many fields in which freelancers can work. They are as follows:

  • SEO Expert
  • Social media manager
  • Content writer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Graphic designer, etc

There are enormous fields in which freelancers can apply. The problem arises as to where one can find these opportunities. No need to worry. There are multiple platforms where freelancers can register and work independently. The top and trusted ones are as follows:

  • Upwork: Are you a web designer or into marketing? If yes then this is the best platform for you. This name is very common among freelancers and offers a chance to work with credible clients and on budget-based projects. Make sure you mention all the skills clearly so that you may get noticed while the client is screening.
  • Fiverr: This platform offers projects on web development, digital marketing, and social media. It offers diverse portfolios and opportunities to work on. Registration is free. Though a high commission rate is charged from the applicant. Here business owners and freelancers can connect and work on different projects.
  • LinkedIn: One of the most trusted platforms for professionals. If you are a copywriter, translator, or graphic designer, this is one of the finest platforms for you. It is a very easy process. One has to simply register on the platform and mention the skills. The more you search, the more opportunities you get. Do not forget to elaborate on your skills and achievements.
  • Peopleperhour: This is the best platform for programmers and journalists. The unique thing about the platform is that it offers a location-based listing of companies. Anyone can apply on this platform with a simple process. The moderator approves it before one can start browsing for the job.
  • Toptal: If you are a financial consultant or a software developer, this is just the right platform for you. One may get a chance to work with top firms and that too on big projects. Though the screening process here is a bit tough. It involves 5 steps post which only the top ones can work on this platform.

All these platforms offer the opportunity the learn, earn and grow. One can register on multiple platforms and work with different clients all around the world. Money earned in this profession is huge if you find the right clients. One can get the opportunity to work with clients from around the world. The only thing that one must be cautious of is the credibility of the platform and the client.

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